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The ultimate RPG character sheet app that works with all role playing games, Sheet Yourself allows you to create and edit unlimited character sheets for easier play.

Please Note: The newest version of Sheet Yourself is not yet available for Kindle or Android. Prices have been adjusted accordingly.

"This app though it can seem intimidating at first, is a beautiful thing to work with. Once you get the hang of it this really streamlines the RPG game process. It is just beautiful as far as getting all the information into the game that you need. With hyperlinking for the rest. Highly recommend!"

"I like the look of this app over other character sheet apps by far. "

"I can't wait to see what the developers do to improve upon this app. It has everything I could possibly need for organizing a visually stunning and mentally pleasing character sheet."

"This is an amazing app and it really helps organize all my characters in this RPG board game called Dungeons and Dragons."

"I LOVE this app, it is extremely useful on so many levels."

"Just being able to scroll through the multiple sheets, organize, re-organize, and just look at whenever is fantastic. Definitely gonna bring it up at our next session."

"This app is amazing."

"Took some getting used to, but now that I have it's the best! Very very helpful organizational tool for my 4e character."

"It's really good. So far the best character sheet app out there. Don't really like the clustered set up but it's made perfectly universal. Perfect for anything really."

"Honestly this is a great versatile app for any RPG organizer. I think it was totally worth the $5.00! Of course you do all of the work because that's what makes it so versatile. I'm really glad this exists."

"I'm an old timer returning to D&D 30 years later. What a great, modern tool to rely upon."

"After years of making my own fantasy games, this is the first time I've been able to play an RPG of my own creation properly. Thank you."

"I recently got this app and started inputting my character sheet (including items, spells, stats, and traits) and I've got to admit. I'm having a better time doing it than I expected. The app is super easy to use and organizes everything for you into categories."

"Your app is really useful. I play several different RPGs, and I can store all my characters here. Some of the game systems are OOP or obscure. Thank you!"

"I quickly found that it's well worth the expenditure because I have all of my NPC details in one place and, once I create a template, I can reuse it over and over with ease. I have also sent sheets to my gaming group so that they have the details of custom items without hours of writing."

"Dudes it perfect and worth the cash. Plus it syncs with iCloud! No brainer."

"Great piece of software!"

"This is the character sheet app I've always wanted. I have a Homebrew game system, so the ability to completely customize my sheet with what I want is fantastic."

"I really like this - is very nice & helpful."

"Out of all the Character Sheet apps I've seen, Sheet Yourself definitely has the best UI. It's clean and pretty, and is the major reason I chose to buy it."

"I play with a group that has an abundance of creativity. Skills, abilities, races and classes are often made up on the fly. This app makes keeping up with my own creations easy!"

"I really like all of the versatility you have with this app, it's great."

"I play many different RPGs and stick to pencil and paper format pretty hard, but this app makes it easy to view and share character sheets with my fellow gamers ... for 99 it is worth every penny."

"I love how the app works! This is the perfect app for creating my characters. "

"I'm loving this app!"

"Great app and very customizable!"

"New to RPG and it was easy to use. This app helped me understand my characters, thanks! I like how simple it is. I can make it how I want it, that's perfect."

"Outstanding! Not only useful for RPGs, but for all types of tabletop and other games. I use it to build scenarios, and even as my contact list. Very versatile, limited only by your imagination."

"This app is a great way to organize all of your tools into one place. "

"It has anything you would need for any RPG I can think of. Great work and keep it up."

"Fantastic app for organizing all the info about your character/hero/villain and npcs, items, etc! Everything can be organized in a slick way WITH images! It's great! "

"Useful, pretty, universal. This is the best character sheet app by the simple virtue that it can be used for any system, character, item, or any other thing you can think of. "

Watch this short video to see Sheet Yourself in action!

Sort and organize sheets into folders by type and by campaign

Sort and organize sheets into folders by type and by campaign.

Sync your sheets across multiple devices with iCloud support

Sync your sheets across multiple devices with iCloud support.

Back up your sheets to the cloud so you don’t have to store them all on your device.

Easily update attributes with built-in dice rolling, steppers, and toggles

Easily update attributes with built-in dice rolling, steppers, and toggles.


Create your own sheets and save dozens of characters.


Track abilites, armor, weapons, and more.

Navigate, edit, and remove sheets easily.